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My 6-Months Blogging Experience. Lessons to Learn

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It is now exactly 6 months since I decided to take another step in my blogging business. I decided to compile this post about my 6 months blogging experience and what you can learn from it.

Initially, my blog was hosted under But after a couple of months, the results were not as interesting as I had anticipated despite the hard work I was putting into it.

There are a number of challenges that come with using Example, since Blogspot is owned by Google, it means that Google owns your blog, they might, therefore, decide to bring down your blog anytime if by any chance you go against their regulations.

Also, unlike WordPress, Blogspot has several limitations, it is therefore heard to customise your blog fully as you want. Ranking highly using the platform is difficult since it is hard to manoeuvre around the SEO strategies since it does not support the vital plugins that WordPress has. It is, for this reason, I decided to shift from blogspot.

Right now my blog is hosted with Bluehost, under There are other hosting companies out there such as HostGator, GoDaddy, siteground and many others. But I chose Bluehost since they had the best hosting prices and their servers are always fast. Did I tell you that their support services are amazing? Whenever I have issues or inquiries, they are always quick to respond, and issues get resolves promptly.

If you consider starting a blog as well, I recommend that you host under them, you will never be disappointed. I have partnered with Bluehost and if you use my link to get hosting for $2.95/month instead of the usual $3.95 per month.

Blogging Experience in WordPress

Moving to WordPress was not a walk in the pack as I had anticipated. Considering that I had not mastered a lot in this blogging stuff, I realized that it was not just something I could set and get it running overnight, get tones of traffic and make millions. Naah! I still had a lot to learn.blogging-experience

I have to admit that I am still struggling with setting up some stuff even though I am several months into blogging. Also, it is getting hectic for me to catch up with some stuff such as the ever-changing Google algorithms. Their SEO requirements are constantly, and if you are not getting up to date with this stuff, your rankings are likely to deteriorate.

However, on the flipside, I have seen an immense growth since I started using WordPress, my blog traffic has tripled, and blogging is easy with all the plugins helping in various aspects; from email marketing integration to SEO Audit.

Considering that I am not yet blogging full time, I always get caught with my other freelance writing job to the expense of this blog. It is a problem I am currently struggling with, and I haven’t figured out yet how to work around it.

Time is becoming a major problem to me. I don’t have that much time lately to move this blog at the pace it needs to be moving for it to be profitable.

Hoping that soon I will have everything figured out so that I can manage both the blog and freelance writing jobs.

I can’t wait for that time I will be getting sufficient income from the blog to the extent that I can comfortably do it fulltime.

Mistakes I Have Made Over The Period.

Honestly, this has been an enlightening experience. Things have not been the same since I started blogging. I have learnt a lot, connected with a couple of people, made a few friends here and there and helped some people where I could.

Even though I have not achieved my goals as I had anticipated, I am not going to dwell on them or sit there and cry. That will not detach me from this hamster wheel. As Robert Leahy says in The Huffingtonpost, rumination is just like spinning your wheels in the mud. It gets you nowhere.

Hence, I am planning to pick this whole thing up, learn from mistakes and get shit done.

Learn From My Mistakes

The first thing that I realized has significantly affected this blog is the fact that I digressed from my major objective of this blog.

Documenting Versus Creating

The blog was meant to provide valuable information for the freelancers and bloggers out there. Besides that, I had planned to document my life happenings as well as the progress of this blog.

However, along the way, I drifted and focused more on creating content instead of documenting.

I learned about documenting versus creating from Garyvee. He stated that documenting creates connections and relations at a personal level as opposed to content creation.

Here is GaryVee’s video about documenting instead of creating

Example, if I write a post about something that affects or affected me, my readers could resonate with it deeply and better if they have gone through the same thing. On the other hand, content creation involves maybe research or coming up with “How-to” posts which most of them can be found all over the Internet.

I believe that working on this will see a major improvement on the blog and business at large.

Lack of Consistency

Another major mistake I made is lacking the consistency required in every business or hustle. I have always believed that consistency brings the surest results. But having too much on my plate and lack of proper time management made me lose it. Apparently, it has considerably affected my business.

[bctt tweet=”Hard work brings results, but consistency brings results quicker – Alex Omari” username=”alekyizme”]

Neil Patel addresses the same issue of consistency. He indicates that it is important to have a consistent blogging schedule that your readers get used to.

If you decide to blog once a week, do it once a week, if it is twice a week, let it be so. He even suggests having particular days of the week to post new content. This way, readers get used to the specific days they come back to check new content from you.

Plans to Improve My Blog and Provide More Value to My Readers.

I have set a couple of goals for this blog that I want to achieve by December. Here is a sneak preview of my plans for the remaining couple of months of 2017.

  1. Post once every week (with plans to make it twice a week). But since I have other freelance work from my clients. I don’t want to rush things. So I will start with once a week, and with time, I will improve to twice.
  2. Earn $1,000 from blogging. I have actually not made any cash with from this blog yet. All of my income is from my freelance clients. But with my plans, I want work my butt off and aim for a thousand bucks before the year ends.

I know 0 to 1000 bucks seems almost far-fetched. But as they say, “No dream is too big to achieve, and no dreamer is ever too small”.

  1. Get 300 people into my email list. I am planning to create a couple of freebies and giveaways to harness more people into my email list. I am hoping that with hard work, I will accomplish this as planned.

These three are my major goals as of now. I also don’t want to stuff my to-do-list so much since I have more than enough on my plate already.

I hope you will stay with me through this journey as I keep you posted about my progress and if I achieve them. It will be our success since I cannot do this without you guys. We gat this, right?

Do you have any blogging experience or suggestions that you would like to share with me or the public, leave them in the comment section below.


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  • Ricardo Ramos

    Hi Alex.

    Can I ask your opinion, if you do not mind?

    Users and companies have been changing their behavior/strategies towards mobile apps and social media, in prejudice of websites.

    Social media is becoming increasingly important (some companies are not even bothering to build a website). Today, nearly 80% of business have a dedicated team, social media is now a standard operating procedure.

    Sports stars, like Lionel Messi, Kobe Bryant and Cristiano Ronaldo, have left websites almost completely and are engaging with their fans via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The website they own is not devoted to the player itself or to sell products, but as a place to promote their social media profiles.

    An interesting example is has as its only function to connect to their various social media profiles. And there are other examples of brands that only exist solely on social media.

    There are more than one million apps in major app stores, something like an app for any circumstance in our life. In the scientific literature, there are evidences that users prefer to use Mobile Applications instead of web browsing, and stores which have an app have more chances of selling their products than those who do not (Kang, Mun, & Johnson, 2015).

    This evidence suggests a change in users’ behavior and companies’ strategy towards Websites, influenced by the increasing use of Social Media and Mobile Apps.

    As an expert, what do you think about this?
    Why do you think users are changing their behavior?
    Can you imagine this a problem to the future of websites due to its (probable) decreasing use?