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8 Tricks For Catchy Headlines- Get a Million Reads

It is a gut-wrenching feeling…

You just wrote a kickass blogpost that you believe will get enormous traffic.

You hit publish and share on various social media platforms with all the right strategies, only to find that your post got lost in the thousands of tweets and facebook updates shared every minute?

Studies show that in every second, there about 10,491 tweets sent. 

Coming to Facebook, more than 1,499 statuses are updated, all which appear on your fans’ newsfeeds.

Even if your post had great value, it is almost impossible to win the battle against these huge numbers.

So how are you going to get yourself out of this trap?

The surest way out is how your package your blog posts.  By packaging I mean how you write your headlines.

You need to use catchy headlines that are attention grabbers. The headlines should be catchy enough to perfectly convert on every social media platform.

Be it from the search engine or on social media, readers often determine if your content is worth their time or not in a split second.

Guess how they determine this…

You got it right,,, by reading the headlines for every post on the search engine results or your social media posts.

Neil Patel, one of the best content marketers, affirm that, Catchy headlines do not just improve your CTR, they also catalyze a start of interaction with the readers on a high note.

Take a look at the recent article or blog content tweets that you favorited or retweeted.

What captured your interest to read or retweet, was it he content? I bet not.

Clearly, your attention was captured by the catchy headlines that the writers used.

So how are you going to get your content viral on social media and even have better click rates from social media?

Don’t worry, it is the reason I came up with this post. To give you all the tricks or rather tips that will help you  create attention grabbing headlines for your content. If done well, you might see a major improvement in your website visits and content reads.

In all your writings, it is important that you keep your focus on the titles or the headlines, it is the first attention seeker. Be it a blog post, book, article or essay. Whenever writing, ask yourself if you have enticing or catchy headlines capable of make people want to read your content.

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Most people neglect the titles with an assumption that the content matters most, it is important you change your perception today since titles and headlines say it all to your readers.
For that reasons, I have done some research on the best ways to write a catchy headline, here is something I got for you.

1. Take advantage of numbers.

The reason “how-to” articles attract more readers is because they make good use of numbers. Take an example of the magazines, articles and most printed contents, you will notice that the headlines have used numerals.
Numerals make reading easier and give the information in point form which is
easier to remember.

2. Interesting adjectives are crucial.

Some adjectives work like charm to readers; people love adjectives that are attracting to them.
Some examples of such adjectives are:
  • Best
  • Free
  • Incredible
  • Killer
  • Essential
  • Ideal
  • Strange
  • Unbeaten
  • Top

3. Be unique in your titles

If you are planning to do a post concerning a list, it is important you try to be original. Take a look at the following.
  • Facts
  • Lessons
  • Secrets
  • Tricks
  • Ways
  • Ideas
Note: Avoid the word things like a plague. It looks so vague.

4. Use trigger words and make a promise

Trigger words are essential in catchy headlines. Words such as what, why, how and when are very persuasive.
They make the title a problem solving one.
In your titles, promise your readers something if they read
your article. I don’t mean that you promise to give them anything materialistic but promise them
that your article will solve a problem, or there is something they will learn.
Dare them to read your article.

5. Try this killer Formula

I always use this method and it works magic
Number or Trigger Word+Adjective+Keyword+Promise
Example in a headline:
  • 21 Unbelievable Ways to Make Money Online.
  • Howyou can easily make money with your smartphone.

6. Get controversial for catchy headlines

Titles that have controversial headlines often catch readers’ eyes easily. You can pull a great audience to your blog or article; controversy is the best way to go.
Take a look at these example.
  • Why all Men Cheat, A Fresh insight.”
  • Why successful people are Douche-bags
When using controversy, I recommend that you take caution so as not to get disrespectful to other people or get yourself on the wrong side.

7. Ask Questions

If you want to get more readers to your article, try asking questions in your headlines. Typically, questions make them curious, and they might want to see your article so as to give their responses.
  • Five Types of Investors-In Which Group Are You

8. Offer Explanations in your Headlines

Titles that are explanatory are useful in making thing clear
to the readers. People seeking to find solutions or answers to something, will
definitely want to read your article if you have addressed the issue.
  • How I Made $1500 in a week with Facebook Ads.

Wrapping it up

Headlines are important aspects for coming up with effective blog posts that will have many people reading.  Always aim at getting creative with catchy headlines that are hard to ignore.
What headline tip or trick works for you? Share with the world in the comments below

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Omari Alex is the founder of Freelance Nuggets. Learn more about him in the "About" page and connect with him on any of these social media platforms.