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headline formulas to attract readers and skyrocket your conversions

89 Headline Formulas to Skyrocket Your Traffic and Conversions

Hands down, Headlines are the most important part of your blog articles.

Without proper headlines, your articles will not get read by anyone.

How could one know what your article is about if your headline is misleading?

Also, without an enticing headline, people might not have the interest to read your content even if you have the most important information in there.

I often compare headlines with physical attractiveness of a person.

Will you pick up on a girl if you don’t find her to be attractive? I bet not. Even if people talk of inner beauty, nobody walks around with X-ray machines to check inner beauty. (Do x-rays check beauty tho’? haha)

You have to be attracted to outward appearance first before even thinking of what is on the inside.

Similarly, with blog posts, you need to have attractive headlines before people start thinking of the “inner beauty” of your content.

You, therefore, need to come up with interesting and eye-catching headlines. Otherwise, all your hard work and the excessive effort you put into creating your article(s) is going to be a waste of time.

Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Which headline do you suppose will get more clicks?

  1. 15 ways to save $200 this month without cutting your expenses
  2. How to save money

Will you go for title 1or 2? I knew you would choose the first option. It is a no-brainer anyway.

So what makes the first headline more compelling and irresistible to click on?



Headline 1 follows a particular set of headline rules and formula that entices the target audience to click and read your article.

This is exactly what I am planning to share in this article.

I am going to share with you 89 of the best headline formulas that will make your articles catchy and attract your readers’ attention.

Copywriters are using the same headline formulas that were used yesterday, the other year, and still, these formulas will continue working even in the future. They never get obsolete.

But I am not saying it is impossible to come up with new headline formulas. It is very possible, in fact, in this post, I am going to share with you the most common ones that will get you amazing results to your articles.

Also, because I value you so much, and I want you to write kickass content, I’m going to add several other brand new headline formulas. So get yourself a notebook and coffee for some good time.

Hold up: These formulas are not black and white; you should not limit your creativity. Feel absolutely free to play around with the titles a little bit. You might want to add some of your own stuff into them to spice them up.

The most important thing is that the final headlines that you come up with should be suitable for your audience and they should send the message you wanted to pass across without distorting or misleading people.

It is also very possible that you can join two headlines. One as the main and another one as a supporting or sub-headline.


Where Can These Headline Formulas Be Applicable

Before we dive into the headline formulas, let’s start off with the instances or places where you can effectively use the headline formulas and pull off a ninja-attention.

  1. Headlines for your blog posts.
  2. Subject headlines your newsletter emails
  3. In the Metadata for search engine
  4. Titles for your podcasts or YouTube videos.
  5. In your sales pages and landing pages
  6. In the lead magnets/ opt-ins
  7. In the testimonials for your website
  8. In product names

These are just some of the places where you can use the headlines. There are several other places. Again, it depends on how you want to be creative.


The Ultimate Headline-Formulas

Receive this PDF list of the 89 headline formulas that you can use to drive massive traffic to your blog.


Now without further ado,

Let me introduce to you, “The Ultimate Headline-Formula

What is in the Headline formulas pdf file?

89 Headline Formulas. If you use them well, 89 headlines is a huge list. You probably won’t use all of them.

Examples for each formula. These examples are customized to give you more insights on how to use the headline formulas.

Expectations created by the formulas. I explain the kind of expectations that can be created by each headline formula to pass the correct message.

How and Where to use the Headlines. It will be worthless if I gave you a resource without a direction on how to use it. So I have included all the ways you could use these headlines for maximum results.

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headline formulas to improve traffic and conversions on your blog

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