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Welcome to Freelance Nuggets.

You might have landed on this page for various reason, but let me help you find the right direction.

Freelance Nuggets is a resource that was created by me, Alex Omari, (and by the way, that is me pictured on the right).

I build this resource to assist online freelancers, coaches, bloggers, and digital entrepreneurs build and run successful online/digital businesses.


Who is Alex and How Does He Know About These Stuffs

Alex is a young entrepreneur who is obsessed with digital entrepreneurship  loves helping other heart-centered business owners make full-time living doing what they love.

The online entrepreneurship world is hit by unprecedented changes on the daily, it is therefore quite difficult for a newbie to understand the correct path to take to be successful. That is where Freelance Nuggets comes in handy.

I have helped many people separate themselves from the fluff and BS and start their digital business as well as chase their dreams by refocusing on what the need most by getting it done.

Do you wanna do any of these…?

  • Start an online business or a profitable blog?
  • Want insights on how to monetize your blog and drive huge amounts of traffic
  • Do you need to write content that converts?
  • Do you need productivity hacks and tips?
  • The most informative book reviews of motivation books?

You just came to the right place. I will provide you with the necessary information that will get you started.


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How It All Started

I graduated from college as an Interior Designer with some background knowledge in Information Technology (IT). Interior Design was so much fun while in campus until I got into the job market.

Things did not go as smooth as planned in the “corporate world”. The design I was passionate about wasn’t as interesting as I found it to be. First, most the things I learned in school were basically theory and I had to now learn all that stuff practically. I did not like doing all the design work and get paid peanuts while my boss took the lion share.


Two months down the line, I quit the job(internship) and decided to look for another hustle… Which I never found.

After a couple weeks of idleness. I remembered a friend of mine introducing me to freelance article writing back in college. Due to studies back in college, I never put much of my interest into it.  But, I knew a few people who pulled a full-time living through it.

I thought why not give it a shot too. For  a whole year writing articles for a content mill ( I thought I should start a blog of my own as well.

I was new to this whole thing, I had no one to coach me, I had no idea which niche to get into. I was absolutely blank on this whole thing. My first blog failed miserably.

However, I had learned important tips and strategies along the road.

When I started Freelance Nuggets in January 2016. My main objective was to share my experience and the strategies I had learned over time with other aspiring online entrepreneurs to help them build their profitable businesses.

They say “we learn from mistakes”, but do they have to be your mistakes really? I bet not.  I want you to use my failure, success as well as insights that I have grabbed from renowned bloggers so that you can kick-start your digital business and pull it off successfully.

So stay close for regular posts, interviews, book reviews as well as productivity hacks that I am dang sure will be incredibly helpful to you.


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Who knows, we might end up being business partners, in-laws (haha) or you can be my mentor (and vice versa).

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Alex Omari