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daily routines of highly successful entrepreneurs

5 Daily Routines of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

The difference between successful and the unsuccessful people, the rich and the poor people is the daily habits and routines. Successful people have routines that are useful and increase their productivity as well as work-life balance, while the unsuccessful people have poor habits that are leaving them in absolute stagnation.

I am not a successful person, yet. The fact that I am not in the Forbes list or very few people know me says it all. But I badly wanna be successful. I guess that means that I also have some bad habits that are in contrary to those ones that successful people have. I have been working on them tho’.  The most important thing is to notice them and have a plan.

I have tried over time to train myself doing away with the bad habits and introducing the helpful ones into my daily routines.

I have not had much success, but the little things I have achieved like waking up early feels heavenly.

I wanted to share with you some habits of the most successful people so that you can also compare with your life and see where you are doing it all wrong and make changes.

I could not wait until I figure everything out so that I share this with you. That is not the essence of this blog. I am here to document everything so that we all grow together.

Believe it or not, Habits play an integral role in our lives more than we can image. They are very powerful, and they grow stronger and stronger every day. So it important to have or develop the right and beneficial ones.

Most of the actions we do every day are not actually driven by our decisions but rather through the habits that we have developed.


Aristotle, an ancient Greek philosopher and scientist once said that…


Therefore, having good or useful habits will often make your life more productive effective. Similarly, bad habits will make you a loser.


I also love this quote from Scott Adams …


I know that leaves you with the question. “Which systems do we all need to have”?


I believe that that one of the systems is “habit-building system”; and this can only be achieved by starting to develop daily routines which will end up being our habits.

Now the problem is that, habits do not happen automatically. They only come about by proactive actions and routines that we must commit ourselves into, every day until the whole thing becomes part of your system. Like you no longer find it hard to do.

But since we love comfort as human beings, we often tend to choose the easy paths. We tend to follow the ways that receive the least resistance from our minds and bodies.

I know y’all can relate to this.

I also struggle with being comfortable every time. Example, writing new blog posts does not come easily or naturally every time. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing it, completely. But then, I have to remind myself why I am doing it in the first place and because of that, I have to force myself into doing it.

Without proper systems such as having editorial calendars and schedules that help me do it, then I could be going for months without writing a single post. I therefore had to build that habit.

The highly successful people have built their systems which are helping them improve their daily productivity and work significantly.

Everyone else needs to have routines or systems to acquire similar or even better results both in their work and social life.

So here we go…

#1. Waking up early

Not everyone loves waking up early. In fact most people prefer staying up all night working instead of the early morning routines. However, one thing I have noticed with most successful entrepreneurs, they all understand the importance of waking up early and starting their days during those hours instead of just working all night and sleeping the better part of the morning hours.

As far as I know, all the greatest and most successful people in history woke/wakes up early.  The only exceptions to this are Linda Evangelista and Winston Churchill. Churchill could not get up until 11am, but still he was up by 8 only that he was doing work from bed.

Linda Evangelista on the other hand refused to wake up for less than $10,000 a day. Am I the only one seeing this as a business strategy? Don’t try this at home though, unless you wanna go broke AF!

Honestly, I dislike waking up early and most often I find it difficult waking up earlier than 9. However, if I compare the days I have woken up early and those days that I woke a little bit late, there is a major difference in terms of productivity – at least for me.

I often get a lot done the days I wake up early as compared to those days I burn the midnight oil, trying to meet some deadlines. Those days are usually sluggish and I barely get a thing or two done.

There seems to be something so amazing and untouched about the early morning hours. At this your mind is so fresh and the world is so silent, you are often undistracted by what goes around later in the day.

The great concentration that comes along during the morning hours is the reason most of these successful entrepreneurs wake up that early.

Since success is what I am looking for, I have always set a challenge for myself to wake up early in the morning.

It worked a couple of times but most of the days I have some tasks that need to be done before I got to sleep meaning I have to stay up all night.

Guess what that did to me, it broke the consistency cycle returning me back to square one. And since it is hard to develop a habit without consistently doing it, I am still struggling with waking up early.

I will keep you posted once I manage to have this by the balls.

#2. Meditating

For years, I have always thought that idea of meditation is total hogwash and a waste of time. Time that could be used to do other important activities.

Like why take about 30 minutes of my time every day trying to clear your mind and making funny noises? At some point I actually related meditation to some sort of religious beliefs since I often saw it more common with the monks.

However, after doing some research, I realized most successful entrepreneurs set time for meditation every day. The length of meditation however varies, for some, it stretches to 45 minutes or one hour while some do it for 15 minutes or less. Whichever the length works for you it doesn’t matter.

Meditation seems to be an important part of most entrepreneurs’ daily routines.

Despite understanding all the benefits, I have not tried meditation yet. But I am still learning how to do it. It seems quite intriguing though, so I will have to dive into it very soon.

If you are already doing it, share your insights in the comment section below, you could help a brother here.

#3. Daily goal setting

Successful entrepreneurs do not have just long-term goals. They also set, monthly, weekly and even daily goals which help them move bit by bit closer to their long-term goals.

The best way to accomplish a major goal is by dividing it into small bits that can be achieved one by one. Smaller goals often provide them with clarity and easily workable tasks instead of getting overwhelmed by enormity of their huge long-term.

The way that I found which works for me is that I often review my accomplishments every single day. If am happy with whatever I have achieved or done several days in a row, then I know I am on the right path to my long-term goals and success.

However, as you guessed, the answer is not always positive, some days I could go to bed and have nothing major to smile or be satisfied about. We are human beings, sometimes we are super pumped and motivated, and some days are often slow and very unproductive.

But that does not mean we are failures, every new day poses another new chance for us to outwork ourselves and improve from our shortcomings. That is how I often have a look at my achievements and life in general.

I like Benjamin Franklin’s approach, he is known for asking himself “What good shall I do today?” every morning. This often helped him stay on track with his achievements.

#4. Reading

This is where the most successful entrepreneurs often beat us. By us, I mean, we the average people, people who are still struggling with financial freedom. If you are not on the Forbes yet then you are in the average battalion.

While most of the average people consider reading books an absolute waste of time, the world’s most successful people spend more than 2 hours a day reading.  Actually, Warren Buffett often spends more about 80% of his day reading.

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft often reads over 50 books every year, and I am here struggling to finish a book that I started 3 months ago. And it is 200 pages only by the way. –fucking loser!

Definitely, these people cannot be wrong, if they are setting time every single day to read books, then it means there is something great in books that most of us average people have not realized yet.

I often try to set time to read, but I can go for more than a week without actually touching a book (See my life. Smh!)


#5. Exercising

Most people do not mind about their healthy until they get a health complication or a disease. That is when we all start wondering why we have always taken our health for granted.

To avoid all these, we need to prioritize eating healthy and exercising.daily routines of highly successful entrepreneurs

Rich and successful people recognize how important exercises are and they spare time every single day to exercise as a way to keep themselves fit and healthy.

Exercise does not just improve physical fitness and health but it is equally important for the sharpness of the mind. It relieves stress and burnout from the body as well as maintaining a healthy and sustainable work-life balance.

Committing yourself to regular or rather daily exercise is not an easy feat actually. I always struggle with it. I’m even thinking it is the reason I am not successful yet.

Last month I actually enrolled for gym sessions and 1 week into it, your boy could not handle it anymore. I started skipping sessions and eventually it. I really did not have a substantial for not continuing with exercises besides some petty reasons like the gym being some distance from my place.

Guess I should find a way to get myself accountable, either to someone so that I will stay committed. I have realized when you have someone to hold you accountable, you actually end up getting shit done unlike when you want to do something by yourself and not having someone to push you.

It is kinda absurd, but it works. Most of the things we do consistently has to be attached with accountability, either you are accountable to your family, friends or even trying to show the world that you are not a loser.

But honestly, I don’t know of any successful person who does not commit their time to regular exercise. Richard Branson of Virgin Group says that his productivity often doubles due to regular exercises, he wakes up as early as 5 a.m. to swim, kite surf or even play tennis.


Over to You…

I always thought that everyone tries to figure his shit to success but honestly, it is now dawning on me that there must be a formula to success. This is after analyzing how the most successful entrepreneurs use their time every day and their routines. The fact they have a lot of daily routines in common is evident enough.

However, it does not mean that we need to pull ctrl + C; ctrl + V (copy and paste) stunts. Copying the lifestyles of the rich and successful people and force it on our lives. Nah! It is important to choose what works for you and persistently execute on it.

Just take these routines and personalize them so that they can serve you the best way possible.


Do you have routines that are helping you get a lot of things done in a day? Share it with us in the comment section below

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