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6 Things To Consider Before You Make Money Blogging

Seeing income reports of pro bloggers and other people who have made it in the blogging industry can get you freaked out with excitement and anxiety.

I can relate that too, because coming across a blog post with a title like “How I made $47,000 in a month as passive income from my blog” used to freak me out, yo!

I could wonder how I could get there when my traffic was not even exceeding 10 readers in a day.

It’s things like these that make me wanna wake up in the middle of the night trying to research, pump in content and do whatever it takes to get there. However, we all don’t realize that making money out of a blog is not just about creating content, posting it, getting tons of traffic and wake up smiling to the bank overnight.

I wish I could tell you that it is, but unfortunately, that is not the way. Making money from blogging requires time, patience and above all, hard work. But then, hard work without proper strategy won’t bring any results either; you need to know the loopholes and determine your success strategy.

There are many things that you need to consider before you expect your blog to make lots of money. Through my experiences, here are some of the stuff that I believe are imperative for every individual who wants to establish a converting blog.

#1. Grab The Attention of Your Readers

Attracting the attention of your readers and keeping them engaged through your content is the foremost thing you need to learn.

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing for entertainment purposes or informational writing, but hooking your readers into your blog should be your ultimate aim. This can always be achieved through writing quality content and having creative and attractive titles and introductions.

Every time a reader is scrolling through the RSS feed, or Pinterest, it is the kind of headline you used that will grab his or her attention. Hence, they will make judgments on whether to click on it and read or just continue scrolling.

In short, your title should be the first element that provokes the curiosity of your readers.

Besides the blog headline, you should hold the emotions of your readers by the balls, being able to communicate at a personal level and trigger their emotions will have them stick to your content like glue.

#2. Build Trust and Relationships With Your Audience.

To make money from your blog, you need first to earn the trust of your readers. Solving their needs by providing informative and helpful content can help you connect well with many readers and have lots subscribers to your blog or be looking forward to your new content every time.

Besides that, some of the major ways to build trust include:

Have an avatar of your clear photo on your blog. No one want’s to read content blindly; every individual wants to connect or at least know the person behind the content or the blog.

Having a photo of yourself on your blog, both in the author box and at the “About” page makes people know the kind of person you are, and they develop ways to connect with you.

I tell you what; I am saying this from experience, my about page is often the most visited page. You know why? Because people want to know the mind behind this blog, and they cannot connect with me if I am masquerading behind some animated images or a picture of an iMac or puppy as most bloggers do.

Personally, in most of the blogs I visit, I often want to know who has written the content before I could even start connecting with it.

Responding to every comment on your blog is another major way to connect and build trust with your readers. You should always value the inquiries or comments that readers post on your blog.

Always answer to their questions, try to solve their problems and always be polite and appreciative. When people comment on your blog, it means they trust you or believe in your knowledge in a particular aspect, and they expect solutions from you.

Also, you can display testimonials on your blog. If you’re blogging for business or probably offering certain services on your blog such as copywriting, graphic design or something; it is important that you incorporate a couple of testimonials from your clients.

You can get reviews from your clients and put it on your blog; it is the surest way to establish credibility in their eyes.

After earning their trust, converting them into customers can become easy, and your blog will start making good money.

#3. Create Quality Content. It is How You Make Money Blogging

Creating quality content should be your first pursuit as a newbie blogger. It is almost impossible for your blog to convert if your content is wack and trash.

Quality content determines the success of your blog and possibility of your readers come back again or even stay on your blog for longer.

Not only is quality content important for your readers, but if you want your site to be ranked better in the search engines, then you have to work on the kind of grammar, sentence structures and other important grammatical aspects that will improve your content.

However, as much as you want to get better SEO, some SEO requirements might be stringent to the extent that they affect the readability of your content. This might hurt comprehension and connection of the readers with your content. It is important therefore that you pretty much focus more on the experience your readers are going to get out of it as opposed to SEO rules and requirements.

Once you have well-written and structured posts, your bounce rate often lowers meaning visitors are likely to stay more on your site to read your posts.

Well, once you manage to attract visitors and have them stay longer, it is probable that you can easily convince them to purchase your products.

#4. Blogging is Not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

This is by far the most misunderstood thing. Whenever some individuals see other bloggers living big with “fat” income reports, they often contemplate on starting blogs and start making money right away.

However, one thing you should understand is that blogging money does not come overnight; it requires much work and dedication coupled with a lot of patience. Most pro bloggers took several months; some took years to build their blogs and niches into profitable businesses.

You cannot just launch a website today and tomorrow you expect to have sold thousands of dollars in products or even expect it to be your full-time income source. That is a No-No!.

#5. Start Selling From Day One

As much as you need patience for you to make your blogging business profitable, it is never told the duration you will have to wait before it starts making some moolah.

So, are you going to wait until you get 10,000 readers a day or even 1000 subscribers before you start selling products or even start using your affiliate links?

I have seen most bloggers stating that you get traffic first before you think of monetization. However, if you asked me, that is a trash idea.

Since the journey is never told, I always prefer that you start on day one. Immediately you start putting your blog posts, include a few affiliate links there.

I made my first sale of $24 from my Amazon link within few weeks of blogging. Mark you, I only had less than 50 visitors a day. 24 bucks don’t seem like much money, but it was my happiest moment I tell you.

As much as making money is not your major motive, making a few bucks out of it while you haven’t been established yet can be one of the best feelings. However, minimize them so that you don’t seem a bit spammy.

Also, I could recommend that you stay away from ads yet. You see, if you ask anyone who aspires to start a blog, the first monetization tool they think about is placing ads on the blogs.

But one thing they don’t understand is how hard it is to get a substantial income from mere ads especially when you do not have tons of traffic daily yet. Besides, most people use ad blockers because ads are intrusive. That means it might take time for you to make some good money.

Build an Email List

Email lists are one of the most ignored aspects of blogging, but yet, it is a marketing and relationship establishment tool. The major reason why people subscribe to your email list is that they find your articles interesting and they can easily connect and relate to your content.

They, therefore, subscribe to get more of your information and ideas.

Funny enough, most bloggers ignore this yet it is an imperative marketing tool that has proven to convert much better than search engines and even social media.

While SEO rules are getting tough and tough or unpredictably changing, at least your subscribers’ email won’t, and if you use it well, you can create a strong bond with your readers and easily turn them into consumers of your products.

Over To You…

To sum up, blogging won’t make you money just overnight, but with proper strategies, it can for sure turn out to be well paying. Writing awesome blog posts and establishing good connections with your readers can’t happen instantly either, but if you be consistent with it, it will pay off in the long run.

Sticky content will have your readers stack on your blog and thirsty to read more of your posts which in turn will create confidence in them to purchase from you.

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Omari Alex is the founder of Freelance Nuggets. Learn more about him in the "About" page and connect with him on any of these social media platforms.