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Myth-Busting: Misconceptions on Working Online and Passive Income

If to you working online or from home involves loafing around in your PJs and staring your keyboard all day long, you’re not the only one. I bet you have received unsolicited jealous and sometimes demoralizing comments from friends and family who constantly push you to find “real work”.

I have to confess that up to now my mum keeps telling me how she is always praying for me to get a job. While I never get tired of reminding her how comfortable I am comfortable with whatever I am doing and not interested whatsoever to look for that “real job”, it is hard for her to still believe how hitting the laptop keyboard all day long can be a job.

While working online and making passive income seems like an interesting lifestyle, it is not as glamorous as it may seem to most people. Yes, you get to work in your PJs, from your bed, floor, or even home office, no nagging and boring boss and BS from workmates. But the truth is, it is not all rainbows, butterflies and unicorns.

Work is work, regardless of where you are doing it from. Just like working from office, working online or from home brings forth its own share of challenges that most of you might not ready for. Besides, working online and making passive income has been bombarded with numerous myths. You can easily be brainwashed by the myths and misconceptions that are going rounds. In this article, I want us to bust the common myths one by one.

#1. Working Online is a Scam. Passive Income is Impossible

The truth is, working online is not a scam. While most people see it as a far-fetched lifestyle. There are millions of people working online and pulling a decent lifestyle from it. One of them is Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, he earns over $150k every month. There are many other people also, such as Harsh Agrawal of Shout Me Loud.

It is true there are some programs and schemes that might scam you, but that does not make working online a total sham.


I remember before I knew anything about blogging and freelance writing, I had tried several revenue sharing programs, pay to click (PTC) and other pyramid schemes that scammed me a lot of cash. Most of such programs still come up day and night up to date. People still get scammed. However, if you follow the right path, you can avoid such scams and do the right thing that guarantees you security and sure money.

These programs will promise you glory and make you see the heavens getting closer. But after getting your money, they will varnish, never to be found. The several scam tragedies I experienced made me see passive income and working online as an implausible lifestyle. I saw it as a dream that might never come through.

Later on, I was introduced to freelance writing. That is when I saw my shuttered dreams being revived. Now I get to work from home, sometimes I can even work from a restaurant. Even though I have no family yet, I find time to spend with my parents, siblings and even friends.

I call it the laptop lifestyle, where you don’t trade time for money. It is a possible lifestyle and could wish the same for you.

Check this step by step guide on how to start a profitable blog in less than 7 minutes. You can as well check my start here page for a clear direction on the paths you can follow if this is the kind of lifestyle you have always yearned for.

#2. It is a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme.

The truth is working online won’t get you money overnight. It requires a lot of effort and working your butt off relentlessly before you see the desired results.

As I said ealier, I had fallen for numerous scams that promised me quick riches and easy cash without investing my money and with less effort. That was long before I affirmed that no one can give you free money.

Sometimes I flash back to those moments and wonder how dumb I was to think that someone could give me several dollars to share links on Facebook or to click images on their websites.

Well, I am glad it thought me valuable lessons after being scammed both my money and time. Now I firmly believe that hard work is the only way out. No shortcuts, unless you win a lotto.

Many people out there will try to persuade you otherwise. I wish I could do the same too. But it is a plain truth that working online and earning passive income takes as much effort as any kind of job. Nothing like overnight success here. No luck. In fact I believe that the harder you work the luckier you get.


#3. You Can Do Whatever You want. Anytime You Want.

While this myth is partially through, the major part of it is misleading. Yes, you can take those midday breaks and rush go meet friends or your visit your doctor during anytime of the day; things you cannot do as an office worker. However, it does not imply that you can simply discard your to-do-list and go for the movies whenever you feel like it.

If you are dealing with clients, you will be forced to dedicate a lot of time and respond to their inquiries or solve their problems. You can therefore not take unnecessary breaks. You might even end up putting in more hours to work as opposed to the typical 9-5 job.

However, the interesting bit is that if you schedule your work properly and get shit done in a timely manner. There will be enough time for occasional free periods to play hockey or with the kids. Additionally, you can easily compensate wasted time by working during the nights.

However, the success of your business usually relies on the level of dedication and time you put into it. Hence, many time-offs will eventually hit you right on your face just like it happens in the corporate world.

#4. Anyone Can Do It.

This is another common misconception. Working from home has become the in-thing and almost everyone now wants to give it a shot. The truth is, this kind of lifestyle is quite tricky and not everyone can pull it off. It is not a walk in the park.

If you are kind of person who needs a little bit of handholding and supervision to get things done. The kind of people who can only work well under pressure or near a police station. Then I regretfully tell you that this is not your portion. You should try the normal traditional work from office job.

#5. Your Blog Cannot Be Your Business.

The truth is your blog can successfully double as your business. Many people are earning full-time income from their blogs. This is not an implausible thing. However, you can’t just start any kind of blog and expect it to be your business. Naah! You have to provide value to your readers. You have to solve their problems so that they can trust you and look up to you as the go-to person incase an issue that you address in your blog arises.

You can then monetize your blog using various strategies such as ads, affiliate marketing or even selling your services and products.

Talking of passive income, you should check out Pat Flynn’s blog which elaborately guides you how to do these things. There are other people as well such as Melyssa Griffin who is a coach and Michael Hyatt who can be your virtual mentor on various matters dealing with working online.

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