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why new year's resolutions do not work

Don’t Bother With New Year’s Resolutions

Wassup guys! Happy New Year 2018.

Have you made New Year’s resolutions yet?

If not, maybe you should not even bother.

Research indicates that less than 10% of New Year’s resolutions are accomplished. I am not even surprised by these statistics because at one point, I also struggled with this behavior.

Mainly, I attribute the failure of resolutions to the lack of making realistic resolutions.

But before we even think of making realistic resolutions. I think it is pretty pointless to wait for an arbitrary date on the calendar to start making decisions on how you should be living your life. Especially, when you know very well you are not really committed to accomplishing the set goals.

I am that person who believes in starting NOW. If it is something I wanna drop, I will start the moment I thought about it, instead of waiting for another year to start committing myself.

If it is a business I wanna start, I am not gonna wait for another year to start getting stuff done.

But on the flipside, starting a new year with “realistic” resolutions is a good way to track your progress and accomplishments. However, this will only work if you stay committed to them.

Otherwise, you will be among the larger percentage of people that forget about the resolutions a few weeks into January. Or if you are lucky, you might push through to the second or third month and join the bandwagon of the people who have dropped the resolutions and went back to their old habits.

I believe you also have been in a situation where you planned to start the New Year with a huge bang only to end up getting busy, fall behind and eventually lose the drive and motivation you had initially.

So here are the main reasons why resolutions don’t work.

  1. Your New Year resolutions lack genuine possibility.

Be sure of missing the accomplishments if you set goals you don’t genuinely believe to accomplish.

You probably have unaccomplished goals from 2012 that you keep pushing forward every year, the limiting factors or setbacks you have experienced before while trying to achieve these goals might be a limiting factor.

Chances are the setbacks have instilled fear and doubt in you to an extent that you are not fully sure if you will accomplish the goals this time round.

However, you still pushed those goals to this year. You know, just in case some miracle happens and you manage to do even a tad bit of it.

This is more prevalent when you have set goals because of outside pressure, maybe from your parents or friends.

You see your friends with a car, you also want to purchase the same cool car.

Your parents want you to be a nurse, you force yourself into the nursing school.

Chances are you are not going to accomplish those goals, probably not even half of them. Trying to achieve what you think you should do instead of what you really want is the ultimate path to failure of New Year’s resolutions.

Focus on what you really want and see the magic happen.

  1. Lack of Commitment or Motivation

According to Statistic Brain, over a third of the New Year’s resolutions hardly make it past January, before the end of February, more than three quarters of the resolutions are also abandoned.

Guess what might be the reason for such huge failure. Anyone?

….Lack of Commitment.

Most resolutions lack strong foundations, which is why they fail because people are trying to pursue things that don’t mean nothing to them.

Yes, you might have a little drive and motivation at the start to push you into action, but the motivation does not last. It is not sustainable enough.

At the beginning everyone starts with a huge motivation and drive.

However, the reason why only less than 10 percent of the people actually accomplish their resolutions and the rest fail is due to lack of commitment.

You need something from the inside to push, to leave you motivated and fully committed into achieving your goals.

  1. Ineffective design of your resolutions

Partly, I believe most resolutions do not go far because they are poorly designed.

In most cases, having resolutions like “Lose weight” or “Make more money this year” are unlikely to be accomplished.

But having realistic and measurable goals gives you something tangible to look forward to.

So instead of just saying “lose weight”, you could identify a particular amount of weight to lose such as 10kgs in one month.

That way, you will be having a measurable goal that is easy to achieve.


Over to you…

I really hate being the bearer of bad news, but if your New Year’s resolutions sound like “Eat Healthy”, “Lose Weight”, and “Make more money”, you’re badly exposing yourself to failure.

On the contrary, if you set measurable goals for this year, I bet you will keep those resolutions and get something done.

However, I still don’t see the need to wait for the New Year’s Eve to start making resolutions. We should have our goals with us every day and always be ready to start something for ourselves NOW. No need to wait for the start of arbitrary dates to start chasing our dreams.

Wishing you all a 2018 filled with attainable and life-changing success.



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