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stop procrastination and start doing

Stop Procrastination and Start Doing.

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“You’re gonna ….. I’m gonna …… I didn’t say shit to anyone until I had done “it” and was 34 years old .. enough of your gonna’s … it’s time to execute and shut the F up” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Hat tip to Gary Vee for this strong “stop-procrastinating-and-start-now” piece of advice.

It is almost 20 minutes past 1:00 AM and I found myself unproductive albeit having a hell lot of work to do. As always, whenever I find myself in such a situation, I often check out YouTube for either inspirational videos or new music videos that I haven’t watched just to get refreshed before I get back to work. While on YouTube I came across this video by GaryVee.


I’m gonna be honest with you; this video got me right in the feels. It got me thinking about most of the things that I am always struggling with like what to do to stop procrastinating.  As a Freelance Writer, it is quite easy to get demotivated mostly because my job involves working from home and staying in the house from morning to evening, alone with no one to be accountable to. Or rather motivation diminishes since there is not one to psyche you up to work harder. Due to this, I often find myself scrolling through my Instagram feeds and Facebook checking out the latest memes and laughing out to myself. I bet I’m not the only one doing this.

One thing I always ask myself is – Why do we procrastinate?

If you have been following GaryVee’s videos, I know you can affirm that the dude is always pumped up; he got a lot of energy, and the hustle seems to be part of his DNA. Sometimes I even think he is high on coke or something. Damn! Where does he get all that hustle spirit?

Anyway, this is not about him, but what I learned from the video. But before I get to the takeaways, Do you always find yourself…

  • Watching motivational videos without actually making any life changes?
  • Reading countless books and billionaires’ success stories without putting in the work?
  • Always, strategizing, planning and getting ready without ever starting?
  • Admiring the success of others and always wanting to know their secret but not working on yourself?
  • Procrastinating – always waiting for the appropriate time to do things?
  • Wanting to be a pro before you could launch that project or business?
  • Worried or scared about “giving out shit,” incompetent content or advice therefore always feeling inferior?
  • Waiting to have “enough” capital to start your business

Raise your hands if you can relate the above circumstances. Well, I have to confess that I’m guilty of all of them.

These “strategies” and “plans” are all excuses to procrastinate.


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If you have been reading my content, you might be aware that I ventured into blogging January last year (2016).  But because of the above issues and fears, I could not put out content; I could not harness the courage to push my blog out there anymore and share my experiences with the world. All these were because I thought my friends could criticize me, and take me to be a piece of shit (which I honestly was). I even wondered if people could be reading my content.

Wanna hear an interesting story on how this blog started?

I have always been passionate about freelancing and earning online. The 9-5 job couldn’t work for me, for that reason, I decided to be a freelance writer. I also wanted somewhere to document and share my journey as well as experiences with the world, and hence, I resorted for blogging.


So after starting the blog which was initially called Follow Money Online, I began to pump in some content. It was a tough journey and a demoralizing one, and I only managed to write ten posts. After seeing how hard it was, not getting the kind of traffic I desired and no conversions, I started slowly detaching myself from it. I could no longer post, but I shared my posts on social media from time to time. But it reached a time; I could not spare time at all for the blog. I only focused on my Interior Design degree studies.

Undoubtedly,  I am not alone, many people have started their businesses but lacked the patience to see their businesses grow. Some wanted to lose weight, but after few days of sweating at the gym with no positive results, they quit.

Here is the intersting bit, after several months, I checked the blog and was surprised to find that I had about fifty (50) visitors every day coming to the blog. Remember this is after about six months of no posting or sharing. This highly motivated me to get back to blogging. I still couldn’t get it how my blog got such a constant traffic without any of my efforts. It was a shock to me that people still read and found value from the content I considered to be crap.

From that day, I thought of rebranding and getting back to blogging, and this time, I decided not just to do it as a hobby but as a business, and the new journey started on 27th Jan 2017 (I am not backing off this time round though. haha)

Not yet there!

Even after rebranding to Freelance Nuggets, and getting back with some new hustler-spirit, I still feel short of expertise. I mean, this whole thing is overwhelming. Sometimes, I could find myself hit by some major “writer’s block syndrome” and many at times I contemplate on quitting. I am always strategizing on becoming a pro blogger and Entrepreneur. Postponing things and strategizing has always been the order of the day.

Well, after coming across this video, I literally changed my perception. I finally started joining the dots and making sense as to why I am (and most of you) are struggling with the hustle or starting the projects.

I realized that as young people, we often ignore or fail to acknowledge some crucial factors, and as a result, we never get started, or even if we start our various business endeavors, we still get stuck at some point, and the zeal often gets diminished over time.

But here is what I think we should all understand.


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We all start somewhere

I know this saying might sound a little bit corny, but I think it’s really relevant up to date. However, I still don’t get it how sticking it in my goddamn mind has been the hardest thing. I find it hard acknowledge that even the pro’s and the successful entrepreneurs, bloggers, writers or even designers were once newbies and they probably sucked more than you and I do. Most of them started with no capital at all, no mentors, no exposure and in fact most of them are school dropouts. But one thing facilitated their success, they started even when they thought they were never ready.

You see, Richard Branson started his “Virgin Airlines” with absolutely no expertise or money. He wasn’t ready either, it actually began as an idea during his mid-twenties while he was flying to the Virgin Islands to meet his girlfriend, and that is when the idea was conceived. Today, he owns more than 400 companies? After reading his success story, I realized that there is not the perfect time to venture into that business or whatever you want to do in life. In fact, his working strategy that has seen him through this incredible success is “Screw it. Let’s do it.” He even wrote a book titled Screw it. Let’s do it. Lessons in life where he tells his story to success and important life lessons that you can use.

If he did that, what is holding you and me back? Absolutely nothing, right?

What is it that you want to accomplish?

  • Wanna shoot a movie? There is not other better time.
  • Wanna write a book? The time is now!
  • Wanna start a blog? Get it rolling and learn anything else as you go

 As GaryVee says – Ideas are shit, Execution is the game

Most of us have great ideas that we are constantly aspiring to execute. Funny enough, we have never found the right time or date to implement these ideas because we are stuck in watching videos, reading stories and looking for mentors instead of starting right away and learn as we go.

I think that as young people, we should stop all the bullshitting, endless planning and idea creation. It isn’t going to take us anywhere. Instead, we should start working and executing. execution is what separates the successful ones from the rest.

Patience and Persistence is key

You see, starting now and not being patient and consistent with your venture; it is as good as not having started. You are as good as someone who is still pondering on his or million-dollar ideas that have never been executed. When you have already begun, it is not going to be easy.

I am actually saying this from experience, in my case, blogging has not been an easy journey. At least, not as I thought, but I am willing to pay the price, being patient is a major struggle especially when I see most of my friends excelling in their works, and they seem to be doing well. But what option do I have? I guess none, I have to keep going because I am playing a long-term game, and as y’all know, good things never come easy.

The problem with us young people, we often forget that we have a lot of time ahead of us. But one thing I know, if you are twenty-something, you can venture into something, and if it fails, you have a better chance to start all over again (experienced and better) by thirty. We all have better chances than those people at forty-five or fifty-something years.

The desire to get overnight riches, success and fame is the major deal breaker for young people.  

You know Sylvester Stallone? I bet you do. This guy has one of the most inspiring success stories. The Legend, Stallone, used to sleep on the streets before he made it and became famous. He had slurred speech and was half paralyzed. Being an actor was his ultimate desire and passion, but no one wanted to give him a chance because of his speech and paralyzed body. However, he never gave up, he fought his way through the industry, with all the patience and consistency, Stallone emerged to be one of the most famous and celebrated movie stars who won 3 Oscar Awards.


Bottom Line

The major takeaway that I got and the reason for this post is for accountability and to urge most of y’all to start now. I believe starting something, and failing is better than not starting at all. You don’t have to be a pro, I am not any of pro either (in fact, I suck big time) but you know what, I said enough is enough, that is why I started this. It is work in progress, and I know in the next 12 months, it is going to be a big thing.

You will never feel ready whenever you want to start some major change or project in your life, be it starting a blog, starting a business, losing weight or body building. Thoughts of fear and doubt will always be pulling you back. However, what you gotta do is Screw it and start doing. Right now is a good time to start that thing you want to accomplish. All you have to do is learn how to not procrastinate or how to overcome it.

All those prominent moguls, the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Warren Buffett and the rest started from nothing, no resources, no finances, no partners or experience and some of them no college degree. They all learned along the way by making mistakes and learning from them. But look where they are all now! It is all about failing, getting up and keep going – there is no fence-sitting in this game. Now, go and put in some work. Stop dreaming and start doing; it is the absolute way to overcome procrastination.

Come back after thirty days and tell us how it went.


As always, I would like to hear your thoughts in the comments


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