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How To Start Working on Your Goals Even When You Feel Not Ready Yet.

You have probably wanted to start something, but then, there is that inner voice that keeps telling you that you are not ready yet, or rather, it is not the perfect time.

I have been there as well – severally.

We go to be realistic here; we are not always motivated to start working on our goals.

I bet you have been at some point where you wanted to initiate the business of your dream or a fitness schedule. But then, you find that:

  • You are too busy and have no time for it
  • You have not startup capital
  • Something always comes up
  • You feel inadequate or no experience
  • You fear criticism from people.

Most times, these are always excuses that get us always procrastinating.

So how can you get from “Not Ready” to “Take Action” or “start now?”

In my previous post, I wrote on why you need to stop all the planning and strategizing and start doing.

I believe if Bill Gates could not execute the Microsoft idea, he could not be among the riches people on the planet.

I’m also wondering if the Apple products craze could be existing if Steve Jobs never made the decision to execute his Mackintosh idea.

More often than not, these circumstances that you say explain why you’re not ready yet, they are not the exact reason. Fear is the only thing coming between you and your goals/future dreams.

Generally, we feel we are not ready because of various reasons that I am going to discuss below. Understanding these stumbling blocks and overcoming them will get you started.

Desire For Perfectionism is a Killer.

If there is one thing that you need to overcome is perfection.

Sometimes I think perfect doesn’t exist. You see perfect is subjective, how you view “perfect” is not how I view it, or someone else views it.

I know there isn’t anything perfect about me, and I’m okay with that… now. But then, I have struggled with perfectionism for several years.

I was an Interior Design student back in college. If you have a slight idea how things work in that field, it is always about having the best concepts and designs. I was really obsessed with being the best. People often called me a neat freak.

I was the kind of person who always wanted to spend several hours ensuring that I didn’t have even a slightest mistake in my designs. Sometimes I could even use paints and brushes in simple sketch-work assignments that we could be given.

When the professor asked us to sketch stick-figures, I could try and come up with realistic drawings. – It was that bad. If anything was not neat and ordered, I could freak out and be really overwhelmed.

Sometimes, when I thought my work was not good, I could go without submitting. I could feel ashamed of my work.

Here, is one thing I realized…

Perfectionism was really tiring and overwhelming. It made me miss the point of life – that life is a practice, and when we make mistakes, we learn from them. There is no shame in mistakes. Instead, it should be an opportunity to learn and grow.

Perfectionism instills a lot of fear in us to the extent that we can’t challenge ourselves to do anything that we feel we are not good at.

Here, is one thing you need to understand; even the experts you admire most were once amateurs. They once started from somewhere.

It is not bad to do big things or do better in your work. But there’s a difference between excellence and perfectionism.

Fear of Failure is Murdering Your Dreams

Most people fear failure so much that they are not ready to try out new things in life. The fear of unknown circumstances has stopped most people from working on their goals.

I have a couple of friends that usually tell me how they cannot start a business because they can’t handle it if it fails. Most people are now obsessed with trying to “play safe” in everything they are doing. Nobody wants to take risks.

Most people are contented with being in their comfort zones because they don’t want to suck in anything.

Stop Focusing on The End Result

Sometimes, people are fixated to the end result instead of focusing on the hustle.

The major issue with having your eyes on the result is because the path to your success might not be as planned. Sometimes we might have everything planned and inclined to the thought that the journey will be smooth, but that doesn’t always work that

I remember when I was in my last semester back in college, I seemed to have a very straightforward plan on how to face the corporate world.

I knew I could complete my final exams, go out there, get an internship within the first week, do my thing for three months, and after that I get an employment and make real cash like nobody’s business.

Guess what happened! Life humbled me…

After my final exams, I went home and started sending applications for internship. While some of my colleagues found a position within the first few weeks, it took me a whopping two and a half months to find a place.

This got me wondering, “If I am begging people to give me a chance to work for them without paying me, just to get experience, but they seemed uninterested. What could happen if I started looking for a paying job? Funny, right?

I believe you don’t want to hear the rest of the story, but I just realized that things don’t go as planned. I actually ended up not searching for a job.

If you ever want to achieve your goals successfully, you got to love the journey.

Take Small Steps Consistently

If there is anything killing people’s motivation is the desire for instant results, we always want to get rich very quick, we want quick results, patience is no longer in our vocabulary.

If you asked most young people the kind of businesses they would want to start, almost all of them would talk about wanting to take loans or save to start businesses worth thousands or even millions of dollars.

You can’t just wake up one day and start a multi-million dollar business. You got to start from the bottom; start from somewhere and grow gradually.

My teacher always told me that success is a journey, not a  destination.

Patience is a virtue…

Whenever I have a big stuff to handle or accomplish, I don’t just rush into working towards the whole of it. Instead, I break into small portions that I can accomplish one by one.

To wrap up, I think we all have great potential, we can achieve whatever want if we worked hard towards it. There is no right time to start anything. Regardless of whether you are 40 or 50 years old, or even 10 or 15, you gotta get started. You don’t have to worry about criticism, in fact embrace it warmly because it will help you grow.

Is it a business you want to start, go get it.

Is it a blog you want to start, start now.

If you are wondering where to start, you can turn your hobbies into full-time income sources.

Either way you got to understand that…

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