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tupac lyrics to help you crush it in business and in life

Tupac Lyrics To Help You Crush it in Business and in Life

I don’t know about you but I am that person whose talent in music is only explored while in the shower. In the showers is where I can sing like Charlie Puth or even outdo John Legend and Ed Sheeran – (farfetched dreams. Haha)

Well, it is not like I have the best voice I actually croak, I sound like a frog. I happen to be a man of serious contradictions, I love listening to Soul music but then some trap makes my day. I love EDM but sometimes I feel like I should listen Lingala and some reggae music. I love Tupac but sometimes Drake’s lyrics leave me with some chills.

Above that, Y’all know that you are my people and I created this blog to share with you whatever I think can be of great interest to you or can help you in one way or the other.

If an artists comes up and drops some bombs that speaks the same business language I speak, I feel deep down that is is my obligation to share with you guys.

So in this post, I am going to share 5 Tupac’s lyrics that can help you crush it business and in life. There are some real gems in these lyrics that we can all learn from.

Oh! For those who don’t know Tupac, he was a legendary hip-hop artist whose influence was not limited to music alone but he pushed for rights of the blacks and other life issues. Above that, he was very inspirational and influential to most artists of his time. His influence still burns in most artists today.

You can learn more about him. HERE

Raise your hand if you get a little skeptical when the deal is too good. I often think twice or thrice or even forty times when I am offered something that seems easy.

Things that are achieved so easily don’t feel good either, the pleasure of achievement and accomplishment is managing to overcome the obstacles along the way.

Now I bet this part of the lyrics might have been directed to the girls or someone being cheap or something like that.

But it perfectly fits in other aspects of the day to day life as well. I mean how many times are we tortured with thousands of posts on Facebook newsfeeds and inbox messages of people showing you how you can make thousands of dollars in a day doing almost nothing?

And by the way, It is funny because 99% of them are either scams or Ponzi schemes – which are literally scams as well.

I digress.

Anyway, easy things are never legit or helpful in most cases, if it is money you want, work hard, if it a whip, work for it. Easy things might lead you straight into a ditch.

Remember “Easy come, easy go”

Do you even ask yourself why lottery winners lose their money real quick or are never millionaires afterward?

Sometimes we sit and wait for things to happen oblivious to the fact that we are the ones who need to make those things to happen.

If it is something we are uncomfortable with, instead of complaining and blaming others or the government, we should take the initiative to change those things.

Above that, I believe we should be proactive to some things that affect us in the daily life.  Something like health and fitness. It is funny how we often neglect our bodies (talking from experience) to an extent that we don’t mind what we are eating or even keeping ourselves fit.

I use to think that going to the gym or even taking a few exercises here and there during the day was some unnecessary shit until I got caught up in some serious nerve injury.

My nerves got seriously sensitive (painful) due to excessive sitting without taking breaks of exercising. I could actually sit for more than 10 hours straight – no breaks.

The moment I started feeling pain on my sciatic nerve even by sitting for less than 5 minutes is the time I realized how I took my health for granted and mistreated this body. The same thing happened to healthy eating, I could skip meals and sometimes take unhealthy drinks (sodas) and snacks just so as to avoid cooking until I acquired Helicobacter Pylori. (Avoid this thing like a plague, it is stressful AF!)

I wish you could see how I often take exercises seriously and healthy eating now.

It is time we started making changes for the better, we don’t have to wait for too long or when something negative has happened so as to see the importance of this message.

This is true on so many levels. As much as Tupac did not directly change the world by himself, it is mind-boggling how influential he was towards advocating for the black people rights and the fight against police brutality.

Most hip-hop artists looked up to him and tried to emulate his ways of educating others through music.

Now tell me if that’s not “sparking the brain(s) that will change the world”?

As if that is not enough, his examples and music are still relevant up to date.

Well, we all can follow his footsteps. We for sure cannot change the world all by ourselves, but if you manage to make someone smile today or even uplift someone by giving a hand, however small impact it might be. You are on your way to changing the world fam!


I know everyone can relate to this, there are times things just don’t seem to work. It happens to everyone, you are not alone, even the most successful people, the ones you usually look up to; face struggles even though they seem to have their lives figured.

Things get tough for everyone.

But just like Tupac says, you just need to stay true to yourself, never chasing something you believe in, work relentlessly for it.

However, if things do not go as planned even after putting all you got, you will know that you did your best.

It is not the end of the world though. If plan A didn’t work, you did not fail but you just found one method that could not work, at least for you. Look for another path to follow and continue chasing your dreams folks!


I honestly hate being extremely emotional – no one does, but this is another lyric quote from 2pac that I thought someone needs to hear. Especially if you are going through some kind of bullshit or life is knocking you in some way.

Yes, things are going to be pretty tough, your employees are going to disappoint you, your business is going to flop at some point. You will make stupid mistakes that will cost you and that is for sure. Someone is going to just stress you up for absolutely no good reason, but you just have to find something positive out of it, find a reason to smile at the end of it.

Saying this seems much easier, but doing is tough. Regardless, you just gotta make yourself happy.



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