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10 Types of Blog Posts To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog

One of the worst moments that you can have as a writer or blogger is when you get hit by “writer’s block”. It sure sucks when you need to create content for your readers but you have nothing in mind, your mind is completely run out of ideas.

As if that is not enough, sometimes you might come up with content ideas thinking that you will have your readers’ minds blown away, only to have zero or negligible reads on your posts. It sucks even more, right?

Well, I guess that won’t happen anymore after I share with you these insights on the best types of blog posts that will get your blog flooded with traffic.

In this article, I will share with you 9 types of blog posts that will keep you out of the writer’s block zone and have your readers wanting more of your content.

I know you are wondering why the heck I am giving ideas on types of blog posts instead of blog topics.

Well, these types of blog posts will have your creative juices flowing. They will act as tools to keep your mind open for more ideas and help you come up with great topics so as to deliver quality and engaging content to your readers.

So here we go…

#1. Case studies

I have often overlooked case studies for a very long time. But come to think of it, case studies are actually “gold mines” for traffic to your blog. People often love to hear stories from other people who have been in a certain situation as them and have won.

Case studies are the ultimate problem solvers, and by the fact that they display the process and lay our executable strategies, they often give out indisputable value.

That is why they are highly valued and very much popular.

types of blog posts-case studies


Case studies don’t have to be necessarily about you or your personal success, it can be about someone else. All you need to do is gather the information you require for the case study from that person and properly articulate them in your post, with proof of course.

It is important, however, that you write a case study about someone or something your audience can relate to.

Don’t be in the blogging niche and write case studies about people in the finance or fashion niche.

If you have products you are selling, case studies can be a great way to show your potential customers on how the product has worked for other people.

Also, make sure that the case studies are well laid out chronologically. Write the story from the beginning to the end. If it is about someone, make sure that you introduce the person, what he does, and then have details regarding your topic of study.

And just to emphasize, numbers are very, very important in case studies. For instance, instead of just saying that you doubled your traffic, indicate real numbers. Something like “Increased traffic by 156% or from 200 per month to 30,000 per month” will suffice.

If possible, always back up your stories with real proof. It can be screenshots or videos.

#2. Listicles

I honestly don’t know who came up with the term “listicles”, but I find it interesting or rather funny and I often use it from time to time.

types of blog posts-list articles

Example of list articles

Anyway, listicles (list articles), are a simple way to outline your information into a numbered list which makes it easy for your readers to read and comprehend. Above that, people can easily share list articles since they often don’t have the fluff that most writers include in other blog posts.

Also, considering that people have a short concentration span and do not stick in blog posts for long anymore, list articles make it easier for the readers to skim through your content by simply checking the main points that you have outlined.

#3. “How-to” Tutorials

Tutorials are another great type of blog posts that get a lot of engagement.

types of blog posts-tutorials


As you know, besides entertainment and information,  blogging is all about solving other people’s pressing issues.

So basically, with this kind of articles, you are solving people’s problems by creating tutorials on how to get something done.

The main reason people come to the internet and constantly hitting the search engines is that they have issues that they would like to solve or learn how to do some things.

You can solve these issues by creating the “how-to” articles for them.

You can have step by step tutorial type of blog posts on virtually any topic. It can be how to start a profitable blog, how to write articles or even how to back up your WordPress blog etc.

#4. Infographics

Visuals are always the best way to present your information or convey messages be it in a business meeting, class presentation or even on your blog.

As a result, you need to create infographics from time to time that summarizes and creatively convey your message in an easily comprehensible and appealing manner.

Infographics are usually images that contain information coupled with icons, graphs or other design elements with the aim of displaying and elaborating content.

They are often a boom and a great way to generate traffic and have your readers engage with your content because they communicate complex data in a quick and clear manner.


I often love infographics because of the numerous advantages attached to them. Some of the advantages include:

  • They demonstrate your expertise on a certain subject. By having charts, graphs, tables, and statics, infographics show your expertise and give credibility to your information.
  • Grab readers’ attention. We all get attracted to appealing graphics. It is easy to stop skimming through some content once we find some appealing graphics. Infographics are extremely engaging as opposed to regular blog posts.
  • Break down complicated information into something comprehensible.
  • Can make your content go viral since they have a lot of information compressed and well presented.
  • If the infographic is widely shared, it will ultimately generate backlinks to your site which will lead to an increased SEO boost

Creating infographics is quite easy nowadays with the availability of several online tools which are actually free to use. Some of the tools that you can use to create infographics include Canva, PiktochartVisme, easelly among others

Also, you can get various icons for your infographics at IconFinder.

#5. Interviews

Interviews are more like case studies; the difference is that interviews have Q&As while case studies might be in a story format.

types of blog posts - interviews


If you interview people who are already successful in your niche, you are guaranteed to boost traffic to your blog significantly.

There are various ways to conduct interviews for your blog. You can opt to write the interview as an article, or conduct a live interview either in audio or video format. Alternatively, you can do a pre-recorded interview and share it on your blog.

I, however, prefer video or audio interviews since most of the people you interview might not be good at responding to written interviews. Also, the tone and sincerity of a person when doing an audio/video interview is more intimate than with written content.

The issue now is that most people are not aware of how to squeeze important information out of their interviewees. They often end up asking basic questions that do not offer any important value to their readers.

It is important to introduce the interviewee to your audience, state their achievements and ask them smart and relatable questions that will be helpful to your audience.

You should have a smooth transition between your questions. Also, it is important you do some background research about the person. This ensures that you know a lot about them, putting you in a position to inquire all the important data that your audience might be interested in.

This post by Ryan Malone on Social Media Examiner will guide you on how to improve your blog traffic with interviews.

#6. Reviews

Product reviews are another type of blog posts that are easy to do and will often fetch you some good traffic.

types of blog posts - reviews

You can do product reviews of the products or tools that you are using to run your blog or business. Alternatively, you can have a blog dedicated to doing product reviews in a specific niche. For instance, you can be unboxing and reviewing products either on YouTube and share on your blog, or just do written reviews.

You can check out this Mailerlite Review I did.

There are a couple of things that you need to put into consideration when doing product reviews. First, it is important that you personalize the reviews, that way, people will easily relate to your reviews. For this reason, I recommend that you review products that you have used or understand how they work, it is hard to provide a personalized review when you barely know nothing about the product.

Secondly, ensure that you take time to do an in-depth review. You want to give all the important details without missing out on anything. If you are going to give out half-baked information, then you’d rather not do the reviews. It will be confusing to your readers.

Always outline the advantages and disadvantages of using that product and be honest with it.

Finally, if you are going to include affiliate links to the reviews, make sure that you give full disclosure on affiliate earning. You can do this at the top of your post by writing something like…

“Affiliate earning disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, if you purchase using our links, we will get a small commission, but it will be at no additional cost to you.”

You can as well add to the disclosure by assuring your readers that you have tested the product and you believe in it and that is why you are recommending it. That might be something like…

“We only recommend products that we have tested and believe in, rest assured that we could recommend the products even without reimbursement”

Above that, make sure that you do reviews and recommend products that you believe will fit the needs of your readers. Products that are relatable to your niche.

#7. Cheat sheets and checklists

Cheat sheets and checklists are often the ultimate way to entice your readers. Not only do these type of blog posts improve traffic to your blog, but also, you can use them as lead magnets to generate subscribers to your mail list.

types of blog posts- checklists

Sometimes your readers do not have that much time to read through 3k-words blog posts. Therefore, providing them with chunks of information that they can easily consume one or two minutes is a win.

That is why people are wild about cheat sheets. You really don’t have to make them that long, 1-3 pages at most should be enough to get your readers hooked.

#8. Controversial topics

Controversial types of blog posts are most often the best way to grab the attention of readers and sell your blog. However, if not approached in the right manner, you might end up getting yourself into trouble.

Most new bloggers tend to use controversy as a way to get themselves noticed out there. While it works most of the time, some of them handle it poorly and end up getting the wrong attention.

The reason is mainly that people are unable to draw the line between giving their two-cents about a topic, seeking attention or mere foolishness.

To get the best out of controversial topics, ensure that you do some research first, it really doesn’t matter the topic you are writing about, but you should be knowledgeable about the topic to make valid arguments and give your perspective to it.

Here is an example of a controversial topic

Also, be ready for criticism, and know how to handle it, you don’t wanna create enemies. So make sure that in your controversy, you don’t step on other people’s toes. You can escape this by avoiding hyperboles. Instead of using, “everybody, everyone, all”, use words such as “some, sometimes” etc.

Also, avoid passing judgments with the use of words like insane, awful, stupid, and the likes. This is the quickest way to turn off people and create enemies.

#9. Videos and Podcasts

It is mind-boggling how people are consuming video and audio content nowadays. If you are taking advantage of podcasts and videos, it is not just enough to post them on YouTube or iTunes.


You can embed these contents on your blog and have transcripts attached to your podcasts or videos as Neil Patel did here.


This way, you are not just getting listeners or views on your audio and video content, but also a massive way to increase traffic to your blog and actually have people stick around on your blog even more.

Also, videos and audios are the best way to repurpose old, yet well-performing blog posts. It is a nice and effective way to engage your audience and have them consume content in various ways.

#10. Blog Series

Sometimes the content you have about a certain topic might be too long to fit in a single post. That is why it is important to embrace this type of blog posts. Instead of boring your readers with one long-ass post, you can cut it into segments and write more articles on that topic.types of blog posts

This is often helpful for various reasons…

First, it is an awesome way to increase traffic to your blog since you will end up having more articles on your blog. Search engines “love” this.

Also, it is way easier to go deeper into a topic when segmented into several posts instead of just writing them as a single post.

A good way to kill the writer’s block syndrome. I mean you break down a topic into various other topics. Is there any other way to get yourself more stuff to talk about other than this? I guess not.

However, do not force topics that could otherwise fit in a single post and try to stretch them into several posts. You might not only end up confusing your readers but also yourself.


Over to you…

There are several other types of blog posts that you can write about. This list is not conclusive since I only chose to write about the common ones that can drive massive traffic to your blog.

There are other types of blog posts that I bet you already know about. Some of them include Case studies, breaking news, personal stories and journals among others.

So the next time you find yourself not having ideas on what you should write about, pull up on this list and get your creativity flowing.


Do you have any other types of blog posts that you often use and are working for you? Share with us in the comments below.

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